Course Objective(s)

To provide an opportunity for the student to undertake a research project in the broad field of Human Resources Management. Candidates work independently under the guidance of a supervisor with a view to writing a research paper that is acceptable for this level of study.

Course Structure

The course is made up of a research paper, no course work is required.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Baccalaureus Technologiae: Human Resource Management or equivalent.

Experience requirements

Not applicable.


Candidates will be selected on the basis of a combination of their previous academic performance and a research proposal.

Re-Admission Criteria

The candidate's progress as measured by his/her promoter will determine whether the candidate is re-admitted at the start of each successive academic year.

Duration of the Course

Minimum of one year and a maximum of four years.


The course is made up of a research paper.


In addition to normal evaluation, full research masters and doctoral students are to submit at least ONE publishable article together with the thesis/dissertation.


There is no set time for applications. An official Nelson Mandela University application form must be completed and returned to the Nelson Mandela University. Candidates should preferably first contact the HOD before completing an application form.

Procedure for Application

Please supply an abbreviated CV containing the following information:

  • Your academic qualifications, institution where obtained, year obtained,, results.
  • Work experience (Company,position, main responsibilities, period of employment - full-time or part-time, cooperative learning)
  • on two pages, the reason why you are interested in doing an MTech HRM, the topic you have envisaged to cover for the MTech and the relevancy of the research.

Please note that our Masters comprises a full dissertation and therefore you will bot be required to attend lectures. we rely on your motivation,mentioned above and your previous qualification and experience to determine access to our Masters. Once you have provided us with these details and you have been accepted we will ask you to compile a comprehensive research proposal. During this phase you will then be allowed to register formally with our institution. At this stage it would be advisable to make contact with your promoter, whom will be appointed to you. This will depend on the topic you select.

Contact information
Mr Adanaan Smith
Faculty Administrator
Tel: 27 41 504 3804