What did you study at the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources?

Mr Tshuku study his National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology in Human Resource Management at our School.


How many years did you study with us?

His period of study was four years.


Where have you worked?

Mr Tshuku worked at the following places:

  • Aberdarecables
  • AFMC
  • Heraeus


Where are you currently working?

Heraeus South Africa (Pty) Ltd


How did your studies prepare you for the workplace?

Discipline, analytic & logical thinking, patience, comprehension


What was the most valuable thing you learnt while studying?

"Listen and think outside the 'box' before taking a decision. Knowledge is the key to constructive influencing in a dialogue."


Do you have any advice for the current students?

"Respect others the way you expect to be respected! Everyone has a choice in life, to live or kill his/her dream(s). No one other than you will realise your dream! Nothing is impossible in life if you set your mind on it and believe in yourself."