What did you study at the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources?

Mtech (HR Management)


How many years did you study with us?

2014 to 2015


Where have worked at?

South African Airways

Kennedy Scott Training

Qatar Airways

Sidra Medical and Research Centre


Where are you currently working and for how long?

I am working at Sidra Medical and Research Centre for 3 years now.


How did your studies prepare you for the workplace?

The masters programme has allowed me to acquire a broad set of knowledge and skills that can be applied in my current role in the Learning and Development unit. Generally, it has enhanced my effectiveness as a HR professional.


What was the most valuable thing you learnt while studying?

Self- discipline. Completing a research master’s degree has taught me to be more self-motivated, enhanced my ability to multi-task and especially to focus. In addition, I acquired a greater understanding of the research process, specifically in a business environment. These skills will be with me throughout my career and contribute to my career growth and success.


Do you have any advice for current students?

I never thought that I would one day complete a master’s degree or be enrolled on a PhD programme. My advice is that you believe in yourself, have a ‘can do attitude’ and put in a considerable amount of effort towards positively shaping your future.


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