Course Objective

To equip students with the knowledge and skills for promotion to a senior managerial position in the field of Human Resources Management.

Entrance Qualification

National Diploma in Human Resources Management or applicable B degree with Industrial Psychology as a major subject. A mark of at least 60% obtained in the relevant majors of the previous qualification. 

Selection Procedure

All applicants will have to undergo an interview with a selection panel. As student numbers are restricted, selection will be based on past student performance, co-operative training, work experience and specific aptitude of the applicant.

Re-Admission Criteria

Progess-based re-admission criteria apply as approved by Senate. Students who have obtained fewer than 60 credits (that is, passed fewrer than four modules) in thier first year of study will only be allowed to register for the next year subject to certain conditions. 

Duration of Course

One year full-time or two years part-time. Please take note that although the programme is offered on a full-time basis, classes will be offered catering for both full - time and part - time students.


  • Financial Management
  • Business Research Principles
  • Human Resource Mangement
  • Organisational Change and Renewal
  • Strategic Management
  • Principles of Corperate Citizenship
  • Employment Relations
  • HR management Project

Membership of Professional Body

On successful completion of this course and two years appropriate experience in the human resources field, a student can apply for registration as a Personnel Practitioner with the SA Board of Personnel Practice (SABPP).

Contact information
Ms Mandisa Mazinyo
Faculty Administrator
Tel: 27 41 504 3707