Each year since 2009 the 2nd Year Human Resource Management students have done a Pay-it-Forward project. The project entails giving back to the community by reaching out to those who are less fortunate or showing gratitude to those who have contributed to the development of the students (i.e. schools and family members). This initiative was started by Dr. Mey who then handed the initiative over to Mrs. De Villiers. In 2015 Ms. Dube was handed the baton.

On the 8th October 2015 our top six groups presented their Pay-it-Forward presentations. It was an emotional day for many as they shared their experiences from working with their various organisations and realising what hardships people face. The initiatives implemented by the students varied, some groups implemented projects in schools and children’s homes, while some were involved at the animal welfare. Two of the groups considered a different approach, the one group dedicated their time to building relationships with adults who are mentally challenged, while the other group aimed at encouraging young males at a juvenile prison through storytelling and other activities.

The biggest lesson our students learnt over their three month project is that we should be grateful for what we have and we will never know just how much our help is valued by those in need. These students learnt the value of Pay-it-Forward and of assisting their community. Based on the passion and pride exhibited by the students, it is believed that the students have learnt the value of “Ubuntu”.